Our modern-day market now takes for granted that a distributor offers its customers an e-commerce (B2B) system which they can use not only to place orders, but also for gaining access to technical information, for parts identification, for administration purposes etc. This is the norm.
Rimat has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to its B2B system. It was one of the first distributors in the region to offer such a tool to its clientele, and has since continually redesigned and modified its e-commerce tool.
Our market has always recognized that we offer an e-commerce system that is a step ahead in comparison with other programs available on the market, thanks to a variety of functions which provide the user with true added-value, such as:

  • part identification via inputting the vehicle registration plate
  • access to supplier information
  • constantly updated price/product data
  • customer-personalized statistics
  • customer back-office
  • real-time product availability
  • comprehensive cross-referencing

Being part of a nationwide organization provides Rimat’s customers access via our e-commerce platform to all the products, brands, databases, stock levels etc offered by our fellow Novagroup members. Our e-commerce system is integrated with other Novagroup members’ B2B systems, providing our customers with the best B2B solution available on the market.
Our e-commerce is designed to be as user-friendly as possible: requiring the fewest number of clicks, and allowing the customer to get to where he wants to be as quickly as possible.
Our e-commerce is simple, self-explanatory, requires no training, and helps the user to carry out his work without making errors.
Thanks to Rimat’s e-commerce our customers can manage all aspects of their daily business, using a tool which adds value rather than creates problems.

Rimat has been recognized for over 15 years as being a leader in the provision of top-quality professional training courses for mechanics and workshops of all kinds, whether independent garages or car manufacturer networks.
Thanks to over 15 training centres throughout the region, Rimat can offer comprehensive training programs to workshops in any location throughout the year.
Our courses range from beginner modules for the young mechanics of the future, through to more complex specific technical courses which cover the new technologies and systems that can be found on the new generation of vehicles.
We even provide training to help the workshop meet its legal obligations, or to assist the workshop in being in line with legal standards and requirements.
Some examples of recent courses offered are:

  • basic automotive principals and understanding
  • new Fiat 500 Twin Air
  • automatic gearboxes
  • robotic spare parts
  • dual clutches / EDC / DMF
  • new technologies
  • modern-day defects and faults
  • diagnostics and problem-finding

For each course that we provide, we offer participants the opportunity to take part both in traditional “classroom” training and practical training in our real-life training workshop, where course members can work and “dirty their hands” on real cars or engines, using equipment and instruments placed at their disposal. At the end of the course, each participant is given a course summary in electronic format (cd).
Thanks to Rimat’s training programs workshops and their mechanics have the possibility to constantly develop their skills, to learn new technologies, to be able to continually improve and perform their profession to a higher standard. Thanks to our support, they will always be able to satisfy their own customers’ needs in a market which is ever more technologically demanding.