RIMAT SRL, founded in 1967, is a market-leading regional distribution company in Puglia, which operates in the independent spare parts market. The combination of a variety of key strengths have contributed to the success of the company, and bring considerable added-value to all of its partners:

  • experience and know-how gained from over 50 years of business;
  • a young and passionate management team, dedicated to implementing new and innovative ideas, with a clear strategic vision for the future success of the company;
  • a balanced workforce, composed of a perfect mix of experienced “old-hands” and enthusiastic younger employees who are keen to grow in the company;
  • an impressive product and brand portfolio which provides the company’s clientele with all the solutions they need for the demands of the modern-day market;

  • membership as founding shareholder of Novagroup, one of the leading distribution groups in Italy;
  • innovative logistical systems which are leading-edge technology for the distribution market;
  • understanding and awareness of the needs and demands our partners;
  • a solid financial "bill of health";
  • a company DNA based on ethical values which are recognized and appreciated by the entire market : professionalism, correctness, humility and modesty;
  • over 15 years of experience as a supplier of training and professional development, with a rich program of courses which are offered in the 15 training centers that the company runs each year throughout the region;
  • services and solutions that make RIMAT SRL so much more than just a distributor of spare car parts.

RIMAT SRL and its team are determined to continually evolve and grow as a company. It is their mission to constantly strive to improve the quality of the services they provide in order to guarantee that the company continues in its role as market-leader for our market.
We would like to thank all of our partners, customers and suppliers, for everything that they do and have done to contribute to the success of our company.

Without you we would not be the RIMAT of today!